5 base recommendations
1. Never park in an area just because you saw other cars parking there (Locals love to break the rules!)
2.The rule for one side of the street is often different from the other side, in the same street!
3. Payment for on-street parking is only via smart phone apps – there are no parking meters
4. Parking signs are not in English so consult with bystanders and Always ask UNTIL when parking is allowed – there is often 1 rule from 9-17:00 and another from 17:00-9:00
5.Parking regulations in Tel Aviv are communicated by a combination of the colored stripes on the curb and the sign located at the beginning of the street on the specific side you parked your car:

*Curbs marked Blue & white- paid parking is possible according to the hours shown on the sign.
Generally it is allowed while paying on Sunday – Thursday, from 09:00 to 17:00/19:00 and Fridays and holiday eves, from 09:00 to 13:00. Pay attention because once the hours change, the rules change and you can get a ticket. If you parked incorrectly your car will not be towed, but you will get a ticket of 100 ILS.

*Curbs marked Red & White- never allowed to park! your car will be towed- careful !

*Curbs marked Red & Grey- allowed to park according to the sign:
In the hours it is allowed- it is FREE of charge.
In the hours it is not allowed, your car will be towed- careful !

How do we pay for street parking?
With your mobile phone via applications only. Recommended Apps:
Cellopark App OR Pango+ App
Price: roughly 1.7 $ per hour.

Where do I pay, if I got a ticket?
Any post office in Tel Aviv – it takes a few days to enter your details into the electronic system so don’t try to pay immediately. Your car agency also provides the service of paying for tickets for you.

Where do I call, if my car was towed?
Call: +972-3-516-0189

Free parking lot in Tel Aviv 24/7:
Riding Parking Space, Rokach Boulevard, Tel Aviv.